princess/queen / by mrm

I think it's interesting how there is a very short list of women rulers (of any country, any time period) that we ever hear about. If you've spent time around my apartment and have needed to measure something, you may have had occasion to borrow my Great Women Rulers ruler (No, this is not a joke. When you are a person like me, you don't even need to find these things for yourself after a (very short) while. People find them and give them to you.). Sure, it lists Queen Elisabeth I, Nefertiti, Catherine the Great, and Amina. I'd never heard of her either, and, quite frankly, there's not a ton of information available. But she was a Nigerian princess who may or may not have later become a queen, but who many seem to agree expanded her kingdom and was a good ruler. (Women in the military also being something we don't much like to talk about, unless of course they died young and tragically, a la Joan of Arc). And so, while I'd like to apologize to her for not knowing her better, Amina Sukhera is March 22's women of the day.