brushstrokes and biceps / by mrm

Artemesia Gentileschi (March 23) was an Italian Renaissance painter. How many other Italian Renaissance painters do you know who were also female? Right. That again. 

She was raped by one of her painting tutors, and during her trial was literally tortured. As a way of making sure she was telling the truth. The rapist? Questioned. But ultimately found guilty and required to serve one year in jail. Artemesia went on to be an extraordinary painter. 

Just look at the arms on her Judith:
 Now check out Caravaggio's: 
Or how about this one by Francesco del Cario?

Some people seem lest interested than others in offering up realistic depictions of female violence, I would suggest. And this during the Renaissance, when the study and realistic depiction of the human form, especially musculature, was supposedly in its heyday.