Anti-Trump Aerobics

Participatory performance piece, 2017. Developed in collaboration with artist Liat Berdugo.

Image credit: Kristie Lang, 2017.

Image credit: Kristie Lang, 2017.

As part of 100 Days Action, artists Liat Berdugo and Margaret McCarthy invite participants to put on their favorite sweatband and come learn some new aerobics moves — resistance takes endurance!

Anti-Trump Aerobics tackles the anxiety of state change through embodied protest. Berdugo and McCarthy have created an aerobics routine which draws from Trump’s public persona, platforms, and creates manners to block these entirely. After all, “every era has its interface, and every interface determines how we relate to the world,” wrote Alexander Provan. In this new era — in this state change — we must prepare for lasting protest.

Anti-Trump Aerobics took place in the backroom gallery of Alley Cat Bookstore on Sunday, April 30th, from 2-3pm — Trump’s 101st day of presidency. Space was limited to 30 participants, and sold out within a day of launch.

For those who attended, aerobics props of long, red neckties were provided. No specialized experience was needed.

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