sex and the city / by mrm

This being my first year attending the Folsom Street Fair, perhaps my expectations were unreasonable. Hearsay, rumors, word of mouth, etc., but I felt compelled to go as several dear friends in Germany have been and I, despite my longer residence in SF, had not. So, off I trotted. But despite copious amounts of leather, lots of penises (what an awkward plural! yet slightly less awkward than penii) with and without cock rings, some whippings, and the occasional human pet, I was deeply disappointed. I was expecting wild masturbation and street-side sex because, well, that is what I'd been told to expect. Was four o'clock just a vanilla time of day? Or was this just an off-year? At any rate, it has failed to supplant Bay to Breakers as my favorite San Francisco extravaganza.

I was also mildly surprised at how male dominated the event was. Far more men than women, and far more men showing their parts off than women. Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising, but it was. It made me wonder whether women were less encouraged to participate or less comfortable participating, since I have a hard time imagining that there are simply more kinky men than women out there. I suppose my favorite moment was right before we entered the fair area, when a tall, bearded leather daddy in ass-kicking boots and ass-less chaps was introduced to some friend's friend and said "Oh hi! I'm Jason!" and offered his hand, beaming all the while.