innovative uses for construction equipment / by mrm

The weekend continued the merry trend of happy (and free!) adventures in San Francisco. On Saturday, good friend Matt and went to Roadworks: Steamroller Printing which was put on by the San Francisco Center for the Book, a place where I've been volunteering semi-regularly in hopes of eventually collecting enough credits to take a class. There were lots of vendors with neat & usually book-related handicrafts, but I am poor and for the most part resisted their charms. Besides, the main attraction was the periodic making of prints via ink, block, and steamroller rolling down on top of them, pressing them evenly and without a doubt thoroughly. For extra fun, you could make your own prints with pieces of foam board. If they'd only had fingerpainting, my life would be complete.

inking in progress

an inked printing block, pre-steamroller

so magical!

non-steamrolled prints on display

(note: if all goes according to plan, more on this topic will soon be available to you at this exact location. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay.)

Sunday was a different kind of delight, involving the preparation of roasted squash-&-zucchini-&-heirloom-tomato-bruschetta accompanied by new friend Grant's homebrew as a picnic at Shakespeare in the park. Presidio, sunny day, Comedy of Errors à la slapstick mayhem, lots of housemate friends. Later, a nap.