woah! nominate an awesome woman you know! / by mrm

Ok, so I just found out that Good Magazine is having a contest to honor awesome local women. And today is the last day to nominate someone. You should totally enter one of the incredible women in your life! What is the contest and who can win? According to the website, they want to "celebrate the women in your local community who make a difference in the fight against hunger and poverty— someone whose efforts make a difference and inspire others." (Presumably, they're focusing on hunger and poverty because the contest is underwritten by Oxfam.)
    More suggestions: "Some possibilities include:
    • The founder of a local charity or nonprofit
    • A chef or farmer who helps promote sustainable food choices
    • A journalist or blogger who writes about poverty or social justice
    • A friend or relative who volunteers her time and expertise
    • An entrepreneur or small business owner who gives back to the community
    • A professor who educates others on these issues"
And then the winner gets $1,000 from Oxfam America. Super cool! More info and contest submission tips here. Shed some light on a rad lady in your life.