how our garden does grow / by mrm

Hooray for summer, for green beans and fresh potatoes! I will freely confess: While I knew a fresh potato to be an exceptionally delicious thing to eat, I had no idea how much fun they would be to harvest. (Yes, I am the smallest of small-scale farmer/gardeners. No, I do not romanticize farm life. My mother grew up on a working dairy farm. I have already heard all about it. Now, let us move on.) Potatoes are fun to harvest because you have to stick your hand deep into the soil and then feel around, thinking: Is there a potato here? How big will it be? Oo, is that one? No, that's a stone. More dirt. Oh, wait!! A potato!!! It is better than finding Easter eggs, and much better than panning for gold, because when you are done, you get to cook and eat delicious potatoes!