ready to confront a demon or a god / by mrm

Who doesn't love a lady warrior? Well, probably a lot of people. But here's to Tomoe Gozen, March 15th's woman of the day, a female samurai in 12th century Japan.

If I don't have a lot to say about Tomoe, it's mostly because not a lot is known about her. For example, why did she become a samurai? And how? And how did the other samurai feel about her? And did she care?

My personal fascination with women who fight "men's" fights stems back to a childhood spent reading and re-reading and re-reading Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet and no I am not joking. I wanted to be a knight and I wanted to have red hair and purple eyes and a talking cat and magical powers and also I wanted my name to be Alanna and I was nine years old, so bite your tongue. 

Cheers, at any rate, to Tomoe.