blood, boiling / by mrm

I want to write a nice holiday/happy new year post. About family and warmth and hope for the future. But the first article I read in the news today was about how Uganda is trying to pass a law that makes homosexuality punishable by death, and about how this, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (that's its real name), was inspired by the recent visit of several U.S. evangelicals, including Rick Warren, whom you may remember from Obama's inauguration.  I don't care how much he tries to back down from it now, this is the logical consequence of such hateful, dehumanizing rhetoric. 

Immediate tangential questions: Obama, what were you thinking? Rick Warren, why are you smiling so much in your appeal to the Ugandan pastors? Most pressing, however, is: what are we to do about such virulent calls to violence?  No, the Americans didn't say kill all the gays, they said they're destroying your family, they're preying on your children, there's an international conspiracy, something must be done to stop them. 

Something must be done to stop them. I only wish I knew what.