stuff I've been eating / by mrm

Here are some culinary projects and experiences, working from least to most recent.

I did this:

while making this:

Which, in case you are wondering, is a leek & Gruyère potato gratin (my mother's recipe) that I took to Arlene's Hotluck. Worth it.

Meanwhile, here's a snapshot from a week or two ago in the kitchen:

Sadly, this does not even begin to do justice to the marvel and bounty of that Sunday morning. This was the scrambled egg preparation table. Meanwhile, I roasted summer squash zucchini in the oven to make bruschetta, and Alyssa and Coleen pitted and skinned peaches for a pie.

In the final frame, starting at 12 o'clock: beets with brown sugar and ginger by John, mashed winter squash and sweet potatoes by Annabel, couscous with beet juice by John, bok choy stir fry by Kristin. Not pictured: nectarine and white peach cobbler by Tim. Possibly the most colorful meal I have ever eaten. Also: delicious. What did I make? Nothing. I'm sickly. I sat in the corner, drank lots of black tea with red current, and took pictures.