starbucks never did this / by mrm

(image courtesy of the magical internets)

Because I am charmed in life and live near everything, I strolled over to Pirate Cat Coffee the other day for my morning cup (the supply having been allowed to run out while I was out of town. Need I mention that this never happens on my watch). Apparently someone there, having heard of my mother's Grand Unifying Theory of Cooking (bacon and/or cream = betterment of all things), has concocted a Maple Bacon Latte. It should have been disgusting, but was instead smokily delicious, with real bacon bits sprinkled on top. For the day-to-day, I will stick to my French press, but this was a delightfully outré treat. (Surely someone out there has a blog called "outré treats"? A quick google says no. I am extremely good at naming things. Someone should pay me to do this.)