impossible, impossible / by mrm

I won't say you have to see it, because I hate it when people say that to me.

I will say that I was amazed, astounded, and awestruck by Man on Wire. It is one of the only films I think I've ever seen that was literally breathtaking. I'm not only speaking for myself. I was in a small theatre, and I could hear the other audience members gasping. At one point, the woman sitting in front of me muttered Calm down only to draw in her own breath sharply moments later.

After being apprehended by the police, Philip Petit is asked over and over why he snuck into the Twin Towers, strung a highwire between them, and walked back and forth across it. He was 1,350 feet high in the air. Why? he responds, There is no why.

I thought it was extraordinary.