Krapfen / by mrm

Doughnut season is in full, bewildering swing. Krapfen (like doughnuts, with various fillings but no holes) are omnipresent, and available in overwhelming varieties. I present here a sampling from one bakery, which currently offers a call-a-krapfen service (my translations are offered as necessary; names range from the bizarre to the potentially inappropriate, at least for a pastry):
  • Der Klassiker - Marillenkonfitüre (The Classic - apricot jam)
  • Amaretto-Marzipan
  • Himbeer (raspberry jam)
  • Baileys - Vanillapudding mit Baileys
  • Kürbis-Kokos - Kürbiskonfitüre mit Kokonusscréme (Pumpkin-Coco - pumpkin jam with coconut creme)
  • Porno Vodka - Kirschkonfitüre mit Wodka (Porno Vodka - cherry jam with vodka)
  • Schoko (chocolate)
  • Wölkchen - prall gefüllt mit Vanillesahne (Clouds - vanilla cream)
  • Giftspritz'n - Marillenkonfitüre mit Jamaica Rum (Poison Spray - apricot jam with rum; pictured above, it's topped with a festive plastic syringe, filled with an appetizing lime green liquid! yum!)
  • Jagatee - Hagebuttenkonfitüre mit Jagertee & Stroh Rum (I don't think this name is translatable - with rosehip jam, tea with schnaps, and Austrian rum)
  • Hot Chicken - Vanillepudding mit Eierlikör (That's right, this doughnut is named Hot Chicken - vanilla pudding with egg liquor)
  • Erdbeer-Limes - pürierte Erdbeeren mit Wodka (pureed strawberries with vodka)
but perhaps my favorite name:
  • Die Krise ist vorbei - Johannisbeergelee (The economic crisis is over - currant jam)
Also, I have only recently become aware that in his famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech, President Kennedy apparently did not commit a hilarious linguistic mishap (don't believe me? kindly see here and here). Doughnuts are called Krapfen in Munich, Pfannkuchen (literally translated, pancakes) in Berlin, and Berliners in Hamburg. Furthermore, people from Berlin refer to themselves as Berliners. This story, that our brave, charismatic, young president who gave a speech in Berlin (echo, echo!) claimed solidarity with the people of Berlin by proclaiming "I am a jelly doughnut" is apparently just an urban legend.