Let's Talk at Pro Arts by Margaret McCarthy


On November 16, 2017, I was delighted to sit with Liat Berdugo and discuss feminism, collaboration, and art-making at Pro Arts in Oakland.

Curated by Leora Fridman and Ellie Lobovits, Let’s Talk is a three-part live conversation series that will explore and amplify collaboration through a feminist lens. This final part features artists, Liat Berdugo and Margaret McCarthy.

Liat Berdugo and Margaret McCarthy co-created Anti-Trump Aerobics as part of the Bay Area’s 100 Days Action, and have performed the Aerobics routine at locations including Alley Cat Books in San Francisco, and covered broadly by media including Mother JonesFusion and Allure. In this conversation Berdugo and McCarthy will debrief the fallout of the online harassment that followed their performance, as well as the responsibilities and repercussions of presenting as women/feminist bodies in action in public and political spaces.


CA Dept. of Emotional Regulation at Meta Market by Margaret McCarthy

On October 29, I debuted my new project, the California Department of Emotional Regulation, at Meta Market in Oakland. Organized by Metaphyiscal Twin, Meta Market was an artists' sale for artifacts & experiences. Kind of like a craft fair, except for experimental art, I found myself saying. Over the course of three hours, I issued 22 new licenses.


Broke-Ass Stuart: First Female President's event is one of the best things you can do in July by Margaret McCarthy

"Oh boy! Oh boy!  There’s a bunch of fun, interesting, artsy extravaganzas happening all over San Francisco this July. The next couple weeks are garden parties, world class workshops, world records, opera auditions, and of course music, dancing & costumes all over the place.  It’s time to get out there and mix it up with thousands of other beautiful bay area weirdos.  Here are the art centered events starting this weekend and running through all of July in San Francisco."

Broke-Ass Stuart: "The First Female President of the United States is in San Francisco" by Margaret McCarthy

 Photo credit: Russ Levi Photography

Photo credit: Russ Levi Photography

"President Margaret McCarthy, a feminist and progressive leader who believes in climate change and healthcare as a basic human right discussed her accomplishments during her first 100 days in office including:  permanently halting work on both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, as well as expanding immigration and doubling the number of refugees the US is accepting annually."

Read the full piece here.


Golden Gate Xpress: "Anti-Trump aerobics: a new way to protest" by Margaret McCarthy

 Photo:  Kyler Knox/Xpress

Photo: Kyler Knox/Xpress

"Blue sweatbands, red leg warmers, ‘80s Madonna workout music and the collective chant of 'don’t build a wall' were all part of a free anti-Trump aerobics class hosted at Alley Cat Book store in the Mission District Sunday afternoon.

The 50-minute class, led by SF State theatre and English literature alumna Margaret McCarthy and University of San Francisco art professor and artist Liat Burdugo, is part of '100 Days Action', a 'call to thinkers, artists, and writers to propose gestures that can be carried out either at home or in the world,' according to the website."

Read the full piece here.

Mother Jones: "Exercise Your Freedom of Speech With Anti-Trump Aerobics" by Margaret McCarthy

"Alley Cat Books, located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, is ordinarily a quiet space for book lovers to peruse multicolored shelves for their next literary adventure. But on Sunday, the small bookstore buzzed with energy as a group of leggings-clad Bay Area residents protested Donald Trump's presidency in the form of a sweaty cardio workout.

'We are here because in this era, in this nation, we need to use our full bodies to resist fascism!' cried Margaret McCarthy, one of two organizers of the event."

Read the full piece here.

CNN: "How artists are marking Trump's 100th day in office" by Margaret McCarthy

"...a 100 Days No Ban Dance Party and a poetry reading will take place. They are initiatives of a group called 100 Days Action, which presents itself as 'a counter-narrative to the Trump administration's 100-day plan.'

The group curated a 100-day calendar of 'activist and artistic strategy,' which includes anti-Trump aerobics, a workshop about Freedom of Information Act requests to the FBI, and converting popular album covers into political art."

Read the full piece here.

Live105: "Anti-Trump Aerobics is 'The most San Francisco thing of the month' " by Margaret McCarthy

"As part of the 100 Days Of Action project, Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery in San Francisco (3036 24th Street) is hosting an Anti-Trump Aerobics class on Sunday April 30th from 2-3PM.

You might be asking yourself, “what are Anti-Trump Aerobics?”

The point of the class is to “tackle the anxiety of state change through embodied protest.” Margaret McCarthy & Liat Berdugo have created an aerobics routine comprised of Trump’s most common gestures  & the manners you can take in which to block them entirely."

Read the full piece here.

SF Weekly: "The New McCarthy Era: Meet the First Female U.S. President" by Margaret McCarthy

"Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

Trump Schmrump, we elected a woman, dammit. Margaret McCarthy is the first female president of the United States, and two weeks into the national emergency, she’s ready to steer the ship of state away from the radioactive, Ebola-infested iceberg with which we’re about to collide."

Read the full piece here.

SF Gate: "SF Neo-Futurists have a new race against the clock" by Margaret McCarthy

 Photo: Peter Prato, Special To The Chronicle

Photo: Peter Prato, Special To The Chronicle

"When the San Francisco Neo-Futurists perform 'Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind' at 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, it won’t just be the show’s final performance of 2016. It will be the last 'Too Much Light' performed by all three Neo-Futurist groups — the others are in Chicago and New York — for the foreseeable future.
'Change is always hard,' says McCarthy, 'but change is also what we do. Like, change is our M.O. ... Being flexible and adaptable and moving very, very fast creatively are things we’ve been training ourselves to do together as an ensemble for the past three years.' "

Read the full piece here.